Show Your Gold Age in A Luxury Kitchen Design!

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Has a luxurious kitchen with a variety of expensive equipment may be the dream of most people. Now you can create your own without having to become a millionaire. Only with apply the gold color on the kitchen furniture you use. This luxury should not need a lot of money. Because basically, luxury who created by one of the famous Italian designer, is a kitchen design that combines the simple and elegant concept.

This design was created by a strong ambition to combine solid wood with gold or silver sanding and gloss or matt ebony horizontal grain. Look at the legs of the table are colored gold, really makes you stop talking and just want to enjoy it. The presence of gold lanterns glowing light to favor luxury for your kitchen. Not only that, a squiggly golden urn set at the kitchen table and are willing to provide extra indulgence on your eyes. Every object in this kitchen like has a function of kitchen lights for a beautiful sheen.

The next design took the silver color as the dominant color. You can see the shape of the table legs is similar to the kitchen before, but this time use a different color. A luxury is indicated by a large and beautiful crystal chandelier hanging above the table. The last but not least design is similar to the first design, especially the shape and color of the table legs. But you can see the courage designer for the luxurious fanta and wood color combined, looks very harmonious. The prettiest thing that will draw your attention in this kitchen is a luxury kitchen rug that gives a sense of simple and elegant. Plus a beautiful flower in a vase adorned on the table. You really have to enjoy this luxury in your golden years.

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