The Perfect Range for Cooker Hood to Provide Modern Kitchen Appliances

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Every day you will be cooking in the kitchen, not just once, maybe up to a few times. As a result, your dishes will cause smoke and smells that may be unpleasant. You are lucky if you have a ventilation to remove smoke and odors through the air. But it would be a big problem if you live in an apartment that does not have enough ventilation. In these days, with the amount of land increasingly narrow, almost impossible to get occupancy with adequate ventilation. Most residential use AC as a means of air circulation. If you are in the problem, then you really need a cooker hood in your kitchen.

Cooker hood is a kitchen appliances that is certainly used in modern kitchen. This tool serves to absorb the smoke generated by your dishes along with odors. You can choose various types of cooker hood according to your needs. There cooker hood is put under, above, and some are not visible. If you choose a cooker hood is placed on top of the stove, then you should pay attention to the distance between the cooker hood with a stove. Normal distance of approximately 70-80 cm for gas stove and 60-70 cm for the electric stove. Do not turn on the stove without cookware on it because it can damage the work function of the cooker hood.

Proper spacing will provide good kitchen organization and a perfect result in the absorption of odors and smoke made by the cooker hood. If the distance between the installation of the cooker hood and the stove too low meal cooking process will be uncomfortable. Besides the risk of fire can be sucked out and grab you. In contrast, mounting distance is too high will make the process of exploitation becomes maximum. Width size stove and cooker hood size selection should also be attention to deliver maximum results.

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